Southdown/Leicester Cross

Georgette is our most highly decorated sheep. She has won Supreme Champion Jr. Wool Breed Ewe and NC Born and Bred Champion at the NC State Fair. In addition, she has also won Champion Fleece. Her wool has carries more of a longwool characteristic, but the density and finer qualities of the Southdown. She is one of our lighter colored natural ewes. Her dam is Sybil. Sadly, Georgette passed away this spring. We are heartbroken to see her go, but are thankful we have her daughter and full sister.


Coopworth/Leicester Cross

Silver is our ombre sheep. Her fleece fades from a dark mousy gray to a very light silver color. She has gorgeous longwool locks that have beautiful luster. She has consistently placed second in all her classes, falling behind either Paisley or Georgette. Unfortunately, they always compete against each other. Her dam is Aspen


Southdown/Leicester Cross

Sybil competes in the medium/fine category at the NC State Fair and has won Reserve Champion Wool Breeds Ewe. Her wool has a nice crimp with a bit of elasticity that the Southdown provides. The longwool influence gives her a nice staple length. The great thing about the Southdown influence is her stocky build and square confirmation. Her dam is Duff.



Southdown/Leicester Cross

Eve is a full sister to Sybil. She carries similar characteristics as her sister, but her wool is a bit shorter stapled and lacks a bit of the luster of Sybil's wool. Still, she stands on good bone, has a uniform fleece and holds her own in a show. Her dam is Duff.



Coopworth/Leicester Cross

Aspen is out of a fullblood Coopworth mom, and we just love her. She gets a really long staple length and beautiful locks. She has won Reserve Champion Jr. Wool Breeds Ewe and consistently produces beautiful babies. 


Coopworth/Leicester Cross

We were super excited to finally get a Coopworth cross that was white. Fiona delivered this girl to us. She has a great staple length. She is turning out to be really nice just like her sister Paisley.



Icelandic/Finn Cross

Astrid is our newest purchase. Her badger coloring drew us as well as the opportunity to add the unique wool of the Icelandic to our herd. Astrid is a bit spastic, but one of our best mothers. She placed first in her class at the NC State Fair.



Coopworth/Leicester Cross

Fiona is Aspen's twin. She looks very similar to her sister but has a denser wool that does not fall into locks as much as her sister's. Even so, she produces a heavy fleece and is a great mother.



Babydoll Southdown

Duff is our oldest ewe and may go into retirement soon. Although, she does not have a great fleece, her lambs have gone on to win titles and produce wonderful fleeces. She is a foundation ewe for our farm. 



Icelandic/Cormo Cross

Sassa is the daughter of Astrid. She has a dual coat like her mother, but Sassa’s fleece features a finer, tighter crimp. Although her mother is spastic, Sassa, is inquisitive and loves to approach you for scratches.


Southdown/Border Leicester Cross

Also known as “Wide Load”, Stormy is a Duff baby. She is also the spitting image of Sybil when she was younger. Currently, Stormy’s wool is very dark, but we are guessing it will lighten to a gray like her sister’s did. Stormy is a powerhouse, but also has a compact wool that has the prettiest sheen and crimp!


Coopworth/Border Leicester/ Cormo Cross

Skye is the only lamb we have off our late Paisley ewe who won Reserve Champion Ewe at the NC State Fair. She is completely opposite of her mother in color and attitude, but is a big-bodied ewe that feature a lot of Border Leicester characteristics. She has a super long stapled fleece.