Our goal has always been to do this as a family, learn, and have fun. Winning isn't everything, but it sure is nice. Our motto is to always do our best and let the judge decide. We love working as a family and feeding off of each other's strengths. We have made many a memory in the barn and plan to make many more in the future. From our family to yours, welcome to Countryview Farm!


AJ & Suzanne

AJ and Suzanne are high school sweethearts who moved back to the family farm. AJ is the resident handyman, problem solver, and trailer backer. Suzanne is the bookkeeper, planner, and oversees the day to day tasks of the farm. Together they make quite a team and are forever supporting their kids. 



Marisa is the reason we started raising sheep. After being heavily involved in the Make It With Wool contest, she decided to buy 2 sheep, and it grew from there. Marisa married Garrett recently. Garrett grew up showing market lambs and has been roped into shearing and helping out with the wool side of things at the farm occasionally. Marisa and Garrett now live in Nebraska, they still stay involved. Marisa is our photographer, web designer, and marketing guru. Garrett is studying animal breeding and genetics at UNL.



Alec enjoys the business side of the farm. After all, he recently graduated with a degree in Ag-business and is pursuing a MBA. He does like to get out and play with the lambs and lend a hand where needed.



Isaac is the workhorse on the farm. He'd rather be outdoors working than inside playing. He has a passion for livestock and loves to learn more about them. His favorite crossbred is Astrid, an Icelandic cross. He bought her with his own money and won first place with their first show.



Gid is the baby of the family, but definitely pulls his weight. Every day he is out there with Isaac and Suzanne feeding and caring for the stock. He is an intense showman and takes it seriously. He is also super quick. If you need someone caught, he can probably snag them.

All photography by M. See Creative